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"We are approaching a major turning point in world history... It is a juncture at which concepts suddenly become hazy, lose their precise contours, at which our familiar and commonly used words lose their meaning."
- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian author

And here we are again!

It's the beginning of the month and I am sharing my thoughts and ideas of what has intrigued me or tugged at my mind screen these past 30 days.

The acclaimed words of the Russian author return to our minds as we see the end of a tumultuous Indian election, the looming uncertainty of the US elections, the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, and Palestine - a divided population and a socio-political landscape where lies speak louder than truths. How do these macro events filter into the lives of dancers and musicians for better or worse? We cannot ignore the growing power of social media about which I shall comment on later in this edition.

With Italian Prime Minister Giorgio Meloni making the Namaste an internationally accepted gesture which became viral at the G7 meeting, I will open this ANITA SAYS iteration with a Namaste to all of you. What I am sharing are not declarations, but ideas that I hope can stimulate more discussion, conversation, and hopefully, feedback.
Read on....

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Anita Dr. Anita R Ratnam

Anita Ratnam


Remembering Ram Gopal
- Dr.Sunil Kothari
Ram Gopal was a charismatic dancer. He passed away in 2003 and since he had settled in London, with the passage of time, few remember him.

Speaking of Shiva
- Lakshmi Vishwanathan
There is a lot to speak of Shiva. Indian dance, Bharatanatyam in particular, is so completely intertwined with Shiva and his monumental mythology.

G Venu: July 1
Deepa Narayanan Sashindran: July 3
Srekala Bharath: July 4
Mayadhar Raut: July 6
Narthaki Nataraj: July 6
Kalamandalam Venkitt: July 7
Anitha Guha: July 10
Lynne Fernandez: July 10
Sandhya Raman: July 13
Puru Dhadeech: July 17
Rama Vaidyanathan : July 17
D Keshava: July 18
Sharon Lowen: July 24
Sunayana Hazarilal: July 28
Akram Khan: July 29

There are so many things art can do: Art heals, Art entertains, Art educates, Art brings people together.
- Matthew Rushing

Nambi temple, Thirukurungudi
Nambi temple, Thirukurungudi
Photo: Lalitha Venkat

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