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June 2021

The silence, was broken by a sob
In the darkness, a shadow trembled
The air was damp, with unshed tears...
...and had a strange smell of sorrow
The melancholic gloom..of a broken spirit, a bruised heart..
dying a slow deafening desolation!

- Romi Mittal

As the list of beloved and admired artistes being felled by the virulent India-B 16:17 variant increases almost daily, all of India is in intense lockdown mode. The rest of the world seems to be slowly unfurling into a quieter and more cautious movement towards "normalcy". The gates of homes are open, sidewalks are spilling over with friends finally meeting over coffee and endless chatter, and yes, artistes are prepping for some outdoor events this summer.
But not in India, as we seem to be facing a never ending stretch of dreary monotony.

In this edition, however, I have chosen to focus on the 8 digital dance premieres that have made us all smile. Even if it is short lived.

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Master technique and then forget about it and be natural.
- Anna Pavlova

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