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Health is not a debt we can cancel
The body collects..
Memories, events, heartbreak, loss
and reacts
- Actor Patricia Clarkson in SHARP OBJECTS, a HBO miniseries

Our bodies HAVE collected. Almost a full year of drastic change. A brutal turn around-stopped in our tracks - bodies in collision with nature - minds at war within - hearts torn asunder with confusion and fear..

Yet here we are. Among the ruins (and some shards of rapture) of past 11 months. Surveying how we have somehow found the means to survive while millions have dropped off and fallen through the cracks of Fate and Time. This past year has been called a time of "Global Weirdness" by the New York Times. It seems to fit. We have fallen down the rabbit hole of every dark and dismal sensorial experience and one emotion is echoed through our lives and the voice of the media. FATIGUE.

The creative community in India has been slapped on both cheeks. Cancelled opportunities and rendered invisible by the government that does not seem to care about the dire situation of its heroes and heroines who are somehow expected to step up when it's time for the chant of INDIA SHINING.

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Animated discussion on to be or not to be of Guru-Shishya

I see dance as a visual, tactile, and sensual language, structured with a specific vocabulary and idiom, within an organic bind of space/time principles and, most importantly, related to the dynamics of energy and flow with a capacity to recharge human beings.
- Chandralekha
('I believe dance is a 'Project' to enable a recovery of the body, of our spine,', Dec 30, 2020)

Narthaki, you have done a great job for dance. May you continue for ever!
- Prof Parul Shah

K Kalyanasundaram (BN): March 1
Menaka Thakkar (Odissi): March 3   
Sudharani Raghupathy (BN): March 21
Vidhya Subramanian (BN): March 24

Jayantika-Mayadhar Raut School of Odissi Dance presents
Anand Utsav

March 23-25, 2021 New Delhi

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