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Dec 2021

Dance is the healing treasure within your spirit
That only movements of passion can set free

Sometimes in life confusion tends to arise
And only dialogue of dance seems to make sense

- Shah Asad Rizvi, author

Anita Ratnam

In my very last message of 2021, I look forward to writing about watching dance. In person. Not on the small screen. Night after night, seeking those moments of being in the same space as the artiste, watching a moving body instead of an ant size blip, flattened by a digital device and bleached of rasa. Breathing the same air, though masked, applauding and savouring the sound of multiple palms coming together at the end.
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Roving eye.

I have always thought that the arts do not exist in a vacuum. Great art responds to the pulse of the now, the breath of the now, whether it is classical, contemporary or popular.
- Aditi Mangaldas
(‘Aditi Mangaldas: COVID has forced us to re-skill ourselves’ by Shveta Arora, Sept 28, 2021,

Kalamandalam Suganthi: Dec 2
Yamini Krishnamurthy: Dec 20
Ratikant Mohapatra: Dec 24
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An imaginary interview with Guru Gopinath
Part 5  ;  Part 4
- Tapati Chowdhurie

Divya Ravi on her digital production Kanhopatra and dancing for the camera
- Shveta Arora

On self-expression
- Yazhini SP

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