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Pride is a time where we not only celebrate our identity but our diversity. We are grateful to live life openly and with so much love and support. So many have fought for LGBTQIA+ rights and now is the time to keep fighting.

It's a privilege to live life as an artist and we look forward to exploring more representation of queer life and themes on and off the stage!

Our world is becoming more close minded, spreading hate and violence, so we must be proud of who we are. We must be present and be able to exist. Now is the time to stand up in life and art and be unapologetically ourselves. Love is the only way forward! Happy Pride ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

- Kasi Aysola & Alex Aguilar

Your time is limited,
So don't waste it by living someone else's life.
Don't be trapped by dogma-
Which is living with the results of other peoples thinking!

- Steve Jobs
Tech pioneer

In the end,
We'll all become stories

- Margaret Atwood

Anita R Ratnam

Having not danced, watched any performance or engaged with anyone connected with dance for a full month is a rarity for me. But it was a conscious decision. I needed to disconnect and distance myself for some time to be able to refocus and perhaps, even float. I wanted to enjoy a rhythm where there were no deadlines, no rehearsals, no performance related duties and no compulsions to finish or complete any project. A real privilege, I know, but something that was long overdue.

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Anita Dr. Anita R Ratnam

Anita Ratnam


Gender equality in Kuchipudi
- Ashish Mohan Khokar
So how, when and why did girls come to dance Kuchipudi? This is no ancient history, as with most things Indian in classical dance history! This situation happened just over 75 years ago. Thanks to a politician, no less.

Culture tourism or tourism culture?
- Lakshmi Vishwanathan
The most beautiful aspects of Balinese dance which leaves an unforgettable impression on visitors are the locations and spaces where dances are performed every day of the year.

Navina Jafa: June 6
Malavika Sarukkai: June 15
Kumari Kamala: June 16
Victor Paulraj: June 16
Madhuri Upadhya: June 17
Sudha Raghuraman: June 17
Sunanda Nair: June 18
Rajkumar Bharati: June 24
Sujata Mohapatra: June 26
Ayswaria Wariar: June 29

"Dance is a power that brings us connection at a time when we're so disconnected."
- Sergey Gordeev, director of external affairs at Youth America Grand Prix
('Ballerinas flood NYCís Plaza Hotel to stomp a Guinness World Record on their tiptoes' by Precious Fondren, Gothamist, April 17, 2024)

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