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Sep 2021

“It’s time to put our paranoia about the virus on a leash and take it for a walk.”
- Shared over a telephone call with Madhu Nataraj

The festival season is upon us and with it come several moments to smile as we all attempt to open up our homes and lives to the outside world.

Now that the imprint of baby feet have been drawn in the courtyards and altars of several homes across the world to mark the birth day of Lord Krishna, we can prepare for the arrival of beloved Ganesha and onwards to more and more days that will remind us of the importance of ritual and the cyclical spiral of life. No matter which faith one belongs to, the onset of cooler weather and the sun’s winter descent always signals more celebrations, prayers and gatherings. Despite the threat of a third wave, people seem determined to find ways to share experiences and the small joys of life..

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"Music is thought made audible. Dance is thought made visible."
- Alonzo King

Shovana Narayan: Sept 2
Jitendra Maharaj: Sept 9
Kumkum Mohanty: Sept 10
Rajika Puri: Sept 14
Alarmel Valli: Sept 14
Jhelum Paranjape: Sept 24
Ananda Shankar Jayant: Sept 27
Dr. Utpal K Banerjee: Sept 27

Ramappa temple, Telangana  ; Photo: Veejay Sai
Recently UNESCO certified the Rudreshwara Ramappa Temple in Telangana as a world heritage site.

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