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July 2022

"I am nearly 75 years old. I live in freedom in an extraordinary city and worry about my former home and my mother's grave in (former Soviet) Latvia. This is Putin's war, not Russia's battle. I am not afraid to speak out and address Putin directly. This cycle of hate and fear cannot last."
- Ballet icon and choreographer MIKHAIL BARYSHNIKOV in a television interview from New York.

Anita Ratnam

Everything seems be on fire. Ideas. Ethics. Morality codes. Our words and actions.
Violence in several ways. Bloodshed through hatchets or by the gavel of the law.

In these turbulent and troubling times, we, the community of performing artistes, need to ask ourselves why we do what we do. Does it merely have a meaning for us, for our spirits and our souls? Is it a mere palliative, dousing us with self importance and creating an echo chamber for those who are willing to gather at our feet? Does beauty have power? Does the act of art making have a purpose beyond spreading positivity and hope? Is that not enough by itself?

Being away from home and the country creates a shift inside your being. I have found that from the moment I sit in my airplane seat, my mind begins to wander - forwards and backwards. What has just occurred and what is to unfold. I also find myself searching for WHERE I locate myself in the world of the Performing Arts. As someone who does not qualify as a "busy dancer" or a "teacher/guru" in the traditional sense of the word, I question myself as to "why" I continue on the path that I have chosen. And then something happens, a stranger approaches me in flight or during transit from another land, and the compliments spring forth about a work, a comment I have made on social media or a video they have watched during the pandemic. The self belief returns, stronger than ever, and I am smiling - inside.

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"The time to sing is when your emotional level is just too high to speak anymore, and the time to dance is when your emotions are just too strong to only sing about how you feel."
- Bob Fosse (American director & choreographer)

G Venu (Koodiyattam): July 1
Mayadhar Raut (Odissi): July 6
Narthaki Nataraj (BN): July 6
Kalamandalam Venkitt (Kathakali): July 7
Anitha Guha (BN): July 10
Lynne Fernandez: July 10
Puru Dhadeech (Kathak): July 17
Rama Vaidyanathan (BN): July 17
D Keshava (BN): July 18
Sharon Lowen (Odissi): July 23
Sunayana Hazarilal (Kathak): July 28
Akram Khan: July 29

Thanks for the awesome work you are doing with Narthaki. It has been the go to for us dancers. Especially when living abroad, it is a way for us to feel connected.
- Gayatri Muthukrishnan, Switzerland

Iravateswara Temple, Darasuram, Tamilnadu
Iravateswara Temple, Darasuram, Tamilnadu
Photo: Lalitha Venkat

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