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Sometimes I open the window
And the dusk rain touches my face,
A lightness on the edges of knowing
That when this frozen summer fails, children locked
Without knowledge of tomorrow's light
Will leap as the sun breaks, molten though their corridors
Night fleeing rapidly from their eyes -
While mothers and fathers hurtling with the hurricane
Will struggle
To stand still, struggle to let go the darkness...

by Anu Majumdar, Auroville

I begin with the piercing beauty of words from my friend and take the liberty of slicing her luminous poem into two parts - to envelop this mostly "non joyous" missive with her ray of hope. Like gentle arms that holds a troubled soul close.

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I try to create fantastic things, magical things, dream-like things. The world needs more fantasy.  Our civilisation is too mechanical.  We can make the fantastic real, and then it is more real than that which actually exists.
- Salvador Dali
(‘Salvador Dali, Air India Ashtrays and a Baby Elephant’ by Sugato Mukherjee, Live History India, Sept 7, 2020)

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