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May 2021

I cannot write
Of death tolls and fires
Of slow tsunamis
Of puzzlement and pandemic
Of street side funeral pyres

I can only paint
The riot of white hibiscus blooms
On the stoop
How you strain towards the sun
How you droop
Without water, how you wither
How you fall
How then you're on your own
How we'll all
Be the same in the end

- DENIAL by Akhila Ramnarayan

India has descended into COVID HELL.

"I CANNOT BREATHE" has become the chant as gasping citizens collapse as our health care system is overwhelmed by the crisis.

Living like frightened creatures, cowering inside our bio bubble homes, we wait and watch.
Even with the extreme precautions, this double mutant India variant of the Covid virus has infiltrated lungs and snatched loved ones. And we are wondering - Are we next?

Our friends are sick. Our colleagues are sick. Our neighbours are sick.

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Listening to my heart beating and observing raindrops falling to the ground is dance. Seeing people walk to the sound of traffic is dance. Understanding someone else’s perspective is dance. Dance for me has now become life itself.
- Aakash Odedra
(‘Dance is a way of looking within and observing the world’ by Akash Odedra, The Dance Magazine, March 4, 2021)

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Narthaki has been a pioneer for so many years - engaging with artists, sharing about art and doing art. So grateful for all of you at and for Narthaki. Thank you for being there and supporting, teaching and walking alongside so many of us.
- Bindu Rajendren, Australia

Chennakeshava temple, Belur, Karnataka
Photo: Lalitha Venkat

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